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Vacant Position

This position is now vacant



Mr Lufuno Makhuba
MBL, Senior Management Development Prog, CA (SA), BCom Hons, BCom (Accounting Sciences).

Mr Makhuba is responsible for the Group financial strategic direction, long term commercial viability and oversees the corporate finance functions as well as key Group investments. He has in-depth experience in financial modelling, preparation of AFS (consolidated and unconsolidated), Budgeting/forecast, Auditing, due diligence and Corporate Finance as well as Risk Management. He has worked for Nkonki Inc. and CEF in various roles within the finance departments. He was appointed to the position in 2017.


 vacant COO


Vacant Position 

This position is now vacant

 sakhiwo makhanya


Mr Sakhiwo Makhanya
MBA, Postgraduate Diploma (Advanced Project Management), BCom

Mr Makhanya is responsible for Group Strategy and subsidiary management, which entails strategy formulation, corporate planning, business performance and ensuring Group coordination of strategy execution. His experience spans strategy and leadership development, sales and marketing, banking and business analysis. He was appointed to the position in 2016.

 abdul 2


Mr Abdul Haffejee
B Proc, Associate of Chartered Secretaries, Admitted Attorney

As the Group Company Secretary, Mr Haffejee is responsible for Group corporate governance framework and legal compliance, and for advising the CEF Board on key governance matters. Having worked for African Defence Systems, Albaraka Bank and AS Kader & Partners, Mr Haffejee has a wealth of experience in contract management, company secretariat, corporate governance, legal advisory, compliance and risk management. He was appointed to the position in 2014.


Dr Phindile Masangane
Phd (Chemistry), MBA, BSc

Dr Masangane oversees the development and commercialisation of all CEF Group renewables, alternative and new technology advancements through strategic partnerships with private and public sector entities. She has vast experience in developing, deal structuring and financing of renewable energy projects. She has participated in national energy policy development, including for biofuels, renewables and the gas programme. Dr Masangane previously worked for KPMG, SANERI and EDI Holdings. She was appointed to the position in 2013.

l m 2   Ms Mapula Modipa
MBA, Senior Executive Programme, BA (Social Sciences) 

Ms Modipa serves as a General Manager: Corporate Services at CEF. Her experience spreads across various fields such as Petrochemical, Energy, State Security, Water and Forestry among others. She also has proven experience in leadership with a prestigious leadership accolade bestowed on her by the Former President Thabo Mbeki. She was appointed to this position in 2017.

 mohsin 2   Mr Mohsin Seedat
BSc Engineering Hons (Industrial), Graduate Diploma in Engineering, Engineering Management

Mr Seedat is responsible for the execution of our gas and gas infrastructure mandate, management of our investment in Rompco and other strategic engagements to ensure that, through iGas, the Group becomes a catalyst for developing gas and gas infrastructure. He has proven experience in engineering, project management, engineering design, research and development, and project financing. He was appointed to the position in 2017

 p m 2   Mr Thabani Khanyile
Certified Internal Auditor, BCom, Fellow Institute of Internal Auditors

Mr Khanyile is responsible for driving all Group internal audit activities, compliance, maintaining good relationships with key stakeholders such as the Auditor-General and advising the Board and Audit Risk Committee on key compliance matters. He has worked for Sizwe Ntsaluba, Ebony Financial Services and KPMG. His expertise is in managing internal audit processes, risk management and corporate He was appointed to the position in 2015.

 v k 2    Mr Vukani Khulu
MBL, Postgraduate Diploma (Marketing and Supply Chain), BSc (Chemistry and Applied Chemistry)

Mr Khulu is responsible for advising the GCEO and Board on key stakeholder engagements that seek to drive policy direction, strategic partnership (locally and internationally) and long-term growth. His other major responsibilities include driving the Group Stakeholder and Communication Plan. He has a wealth of experience in energy advisory, sales and marketing, business development, financial modelling, negotiation, policy engagement, leadership and technical skills. His previous employment includes PetroSA, Egoli Gas, Eskom, Dulux and Unilever. He was appointed to the position in 2015.

 skheto 2   Mr Skheto Maluleke
Postgraduate Diploma (Business Management), BSc, Advanced Diploma (Project Management), IT Diploma

Mr Maluleke is responsible for Group IT and provides ongoing strategic alignment between Group Strategy on the one hand and Group information systems and technology on the other. Operationally, he is responsible for ensuring that the IT Infrastructure is available and performing at a level that allows business to operate efficiently, productively and securely. He brings a wealth of experience in, inter alia, IT strategy planning, IT risk management, contract and vendor management, IT governance, IT operations and project management, which he acquired at various companies – Accenture, Business Connexion, ABSA, Liberty and SABS, among others. He was appointed to the position in 2015.

Vision and Mission

 To secure reliable and affordable diversified energy security solutions for the South African economy by 2030.

To provide and enable sustainable energy security solutions for South Africa in order to contribute to economic development and alleviate poverty in an environmentally responsible manner.

About CEF


CEF SOC Ltd. is involved in the search for appropriate energy solutions to meet the energy needs of South Africa, the Southern African Development Community and the sub-Saharan African region, including oil, gas, electrical power, solar energy, low-smoke fuels, biomass, wind and renewable energy sources.