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South Africa

 The South African Gas Development Company, also known as “iGAS”, is a state owned agency established per the Ministerial Directive dated 2 October 2000, for the development of the hydrocarbon gas and gas infrastructure in Southern Africa.

The Guiding Principles under which iGas operates are that:

  • iGas should advance the energy goals set out in the White Paper on Energy Policy (December 1998) or as revised from time to time. Specifically, iGas will promote the diversification of energy usage into hydrocarbon gas and may assist in ventures which will facilitate the usage of hydrocarbon gas in South Africa.
  • Where investments are made outside South Africa iGas should prefer investments in SADC and African countries and countries targeted by South Africa for the development of bi-lateral relations, all other things being equal.
  • iGas may from time to time and in accordance with sound business principles, enter into joint ventures for gas transmission pipelines and related projects.
  • All projects/investments of iGas should be guided by normal commercial criteria with a view to paying dividends to the shareholder or the application of resources to the attainment of objectives set out in the White Paper on Energy Policy.
  • Investments decisions should not rely upon state funding or state guarantees for loans other than from the resources of CEF.

iGAS Vision

To be the leading State Agency in the commercial development of the hydrocarbons gas industry in Southern Africa through active investments in Southern Africa for the provision of gas molecules and gas infrastructure.

iGAS Mission

To act as Government’s agent for the development and commercialisation of indigenous natural gas and importation of natural gas. The provision of associated infrastructure, in pursuit of Government policies and plans.

iGAS Purpose

To support the growth of the South African economy through active investments in Southern Africa for the provision of gas molecules and gas infrastructure.


Vision and Mission

 To secure reliable and affordable diversified energy security solutions for the South African economy by 2030.

To provide and enable sustainable energy security solutions for South Africa in order to contribute to economic development and alleviate poverty in an environmentally responsible manner.

About CEF


CEF SOC Ltd. is involved in the search for appropriate energy solutions to meet the energy needs of South Africa, the Southern African Development Community and the sub-Saharan African region, including oil, gas, electrical power, solar energy, low-smoke fuels, biomass, wind and renewable energy sources.