The CEF group operates in the energy sector and controls entities with commercial, strategic, regulatory and developmental roles. The CEF group consists of five operating subsidiaries:

  • Petroleum Oil and Gas Corporation of SA (PetroSA)
  • Petroleum Agency SA (PASA)
  • The Strategic Fuel Fund Association (SFF)
  • African Exploration Mining and Finance Corporation (AEMFC)
  • iGas

CEF includes the Energy Projects Division (EPD), a division which was established in 2004 to pursue commercially viable investments in renewable energy (with the exception of natural oil and other already commercialised and developed energy technologies in Southern Africa). This division focuses on a number of niche areas, commercial projects, developmental projects which catalyze the renewable energy sector and social projects which benefit previously disadvantaged communities.

CEF also has a 30 percent share in the Süd-Chemie Zeolites. The company manufactures catalysts in Richards Bay for PetroSA. The company is managed by Süd-Chemie AG, which holds the rest of the shares.

CEF has a 49 percent interest in Baniettor Mining. The balance is held by BHP Billiton. Baniettor Mining owns the mineral rights to torbanite, which could be used to manufacture low-smoke fuels.

CEF owns 100 percent of Cotec Patrade, Cotec Development and Enerkom. SFF owns 100 percent of Klippoortje Koolmyne, Mahne’s Areas and African Exploration and Mining, including the subsidiary companies owning mineral rights.