Mr Kholly Zono

PetroSA Acting CEO

Physical address: 
151 Frans Conradie Drive,
Cape Town

Postal address:
Private Bag X5,
Cape Town

Switchboard: +27 21 929 3000
Fax: +27 21 929 3144


Petroleum Oil and Gas Corporation of SA (PetroSA)

The Petroleum Oil and Gas Corporation of South Africa (PetroSA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of CEF and its main activities include the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas off the southeast coast of South Africa.

Its vision is to be a leading integrated provider of oil, gas and petrochemicals in African and global markets.

PetroSA contributes to South Africa’s development by creating value out of the country’s indigenous crude oil and natural gas resources.

Its mission is to commercially explore, produce, refine and market oil, gas and petrochemicals for the benefit of customers and stakeholders through innovation, quality products and empowered employees.

PetroSA also participates in international upstream petroleum ventures, refining operations converting offshore gas and condensate to synthetic fuels and marketing them to the local market as well as high-volume chemicals internationally.

The company was formed in July 2000 out of a merger of the business of Mossgas and Soekor to effectively develop and exploit the crude oil and gaseous hydrocarbon resources of South Africa.

The refining operations convert natural gas and condensate into liquid fuels and produce petrochemicals. This is done at PetroSA’s gas to liquids (GTL) plant in Mossel Bay, which is provided with gas produced from the offshore gas fields. The GTL plant produces 35 000 barrels of final product per day on average.

PetroSA produces petrol, diesel, kerosene, fuel oil, LPG, propane, light and heavy alcohols, liquid oxygen and nitrogen as well as carbon dioxide.

There is international interest for improved GTL technology, of which PetroSA has vast and unique experience. Work is under way at Mossel Bay to refine the Fischer Tröpsch technology used at the GTL plant and to market it.