Our mandate

EPD’s mandate is derived from the authority and obligations set out in the CEF Act and the 2003 CEF High Level Business Strategy which was a Ministerial Directive to CEF to establish the Energy Development Corporation (EDC), now re-­named the Energy Projects Division (EPD) with the objectives to:

  • Initially catalyse the renewable energy sector and thereafter to develop the renewable energy sector further.
  • Develop and invest in RE generation projects that will use renewable energy primary resources such as solar, wind, hydro, biomass, biogas
  • Develop and invest in clean, alternative liquid fuels such as biofuels, synthetic fuels
  • Be actively involved in RE technology development and related manufacturing.
  •  Provide modern, safe and sustainable energy solutions to the less developed areas and low-­ income households in South Africa.

With the challenge facing the South African government of balancing the urgent need to tackle poverty and underdevelopment as well as to fuel economic growth; within the country, consideration for a sustainable energy future remains imperative.

The EPD’s primary mandate is therefore to ensure that CEF fulfils its objective of security of energy supply. Leveraging investments in proven clean energy technologies, project management, equity finance or a combination thereof; may benefit other parties who become new customers to EPD.