Another company to investigate oil, gas deposits off South Coast

Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) has joined the queue of companies planning to investigate oil and gas deposits off the South African coat and has applied for a reconnaissance permit to carry out a speculative 2D seismic survey off the south coast.

The area for which a permit is sought from the Petroleum Agency of South Africa (PASA) stretches from Cape Argulhas to Cape St Francis.

Giving notice of the public participation process on the project, CCA Environmental states that the investigation will take place in a number of petroleum license blocks located between 90 and 180 kilometres off the coast.

It states that the proposed 2D seismic survey will be approximately 7 000 kilometres in length made up of a number of low density spaced survey lines covering an area of 73 360 square kilometres.

The company says that whole the start of the survey will depend on when the permit is issued it is anticipated that it will be undertaken during the summer of 2014/15 and take some four months to complete.

A public participation process for this survey was carried out in 2013 but the application was subsequently withdrawn and has now been re-submitted to allow it to be carried out during the “2015/15 survey window period”.

SASOL’s Paris-based subcontractor, CGG Services, has already started exploring for gas and oil off the KwaZulu-Natal coast in March while American oil and gas giant Exxon-Mobil which is expected to start a seismic survey following the granting of a prospecting licence by Petroleum Agency SA (Pasa). Pasa has indicated that it’s also considering several applications from local and foreign companies seeking to begin exploration work off the east coast of SA.