CEF SOC Ltd is a Schedule 2 State Owned national energy utility entity with a focus on oil, gas, coal and renewable and clean energy options reporting to the Department Of Energy (DoE) as its primary shareholder. The organisation operates in South Africa with strategic partnerships in Ghana and Mozambique. The company derives its mandate primarily from the Central Energy Fund Act No. 38 of 1977.

The Act mandates the CEF Group to contribute to the national security of energy supply through commercial operations and projects, as well as investing in developmental projects, all the while operating in a highly competitive and capital intensive environment with the need to be a profitable entity through its subsidiaries and associates. The dual mandate of Commercial and Developmental obligations requires a tight balancing act between the two imperatives given the strategic nature of the national assets that The Group holds and its obligations as defined in the National Development Plan (NDP). The CEF Group thus has to contribute towards the triple challenges of Poverty Alleviation, Promoting Equality and Creating Jobs as well as supporting the economic growth efforts of the Shareholder.

In terms of its mandate the CEF Group should profitably manage defined energy interests on behalf of the South African Government and be commercially viable and sustainable. Most of the activities are in the fossil fuel arena as a result of significant historical investments made by the organisation over the last six decades.

Over time, the company has expanded its activities to include the management of investments with a special focus on renewable and cleaner alternative energy sources. This is part of the broader strategic intent and directed by the Shareholder to diversify South Africa’s energy mix. This will in the long term, result in improved security of supply and enhanced social and environmental benefits. In order to achieve its mandate over time, the CEF Group therefore, expanded its focus on liquid fuels and gas as well as supporting the deployment of new energy technologies in the country.


The CEF Group operates right across the Energy Sector Value Chain. The subsidiaries are wholly owned by CEF SOC Ltd and it holds minority interests in two small renewable energy ventures (Associates). In addition to this the CEF Group manages two funds – the Equalisation and the Mines Health and SafetyFunds.

Renewable energy activities of the holding company are managed through the Energy Projects Division (previously the Clean Energy Division). These include the identification of new joint venture investments in renewable and clean energy projects, and the management of existing joint ventures with other parties. Wholly owned subsidiaries operating under CEF are namely:

  • PetroSA –which is the largest subsidiary in the Group and operates a gas-to-liquids refinery that uses indigenous gas as feedstock. It is also a partner in a producing oil field in Ghana.
  • Strategic Fuel Fund (SFF) – which manages strategic crude oil infrastructure, strategic crude oil stocks, and provides oil pollution control services in Saldanha Bay.
  • iGAS – which is a shareholder in the Mozambique-to-South Africa gas pipeline and is involved in the development of other gas delivery projects.
  • AEMFC – which mines coal in Mpumalanga for supply to Eskom.
  • PASA – which is the national petroleum and gas promotion and licensing agency.